Come along with ozzy's favorite walk

Come along with ozzy's favorite walk

1De Bonte Os

We will start our hike at the hotel De Bonte Os, this is where i grew up. You can get a passport at the hotel that contains many fun games and information about the hike. De Bonte Os is a family hotel and has existed since 1903! What makes this hotel special is that there's a special room in it called the artists room. If you want te see this room you'll have to stay a night. oh and if you have done the whole hike and stamped your card at the 5 stops, be sure to come back to De Bonte Os because then you'll recieve a gift.

2Old Tramstation

First we're going to walk through the streets of Krottegem until we arive at the Old Tramstation. This tramstation is one of the last steam tram station. If you used to take a tram here, you could travel to Tielt. It was the Hooglede - Tielt railway line. The last time a tram drove through here it was the year 1936, this was a very long time ago.


The next stop is at the mural of Jempi. Jean-Pierre Monseré was a very good cyclist. when he turned 22 he was already a world champion! So you still have time to be as good as him! To make sure people don't forget about him a special beer was developed which has the name Jempi, there is a street in Roeselare that was named after Jean-Pierre and there is a yearly cycling contest in Roeselare that has his name. This mural was made in may of 2014 during the Day One festival. You can view beautiful murals all over Roeselare. If you want to know more about cycling you can pay a visit to KOERS.

4The treehouse

When you pass through here it's time for a BREAK! every year in the month of september there is an event called Tuin Der Lusten. In 2018 there was a treehouse built on the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwemarkt for this. If you don't want to play in the treehouse anymore you can go across the street, here you can find swings, a monkeybar and much more! And fir your mommy and daddy there are benches where they can sit so they can watch you play! There's a mural of the Day One festival here as well, isn't it pretty?


Unfortunately we have reached our last stop, this is a stop especially for mommy and daddy. This is the brewery Rodenbach. Rodenbach is thé beer of Roeselare and during the clearance sale on friday you'll find the keg of Rodenbach. If you're interested in the process of making such a beer you can always book a tour.

Well, Unfortunately we have come at an end. Be sure to pass by the hotel De Bonte Os to get your present and who knows, maybe until next time!