Corona Up-date 14.03.2020 to 04.04.2020:

Our family hotel will remain open during the partial lock-down:

Hotel guests can always enjoy their breakfast in the room. Since it can no longer take place in the breakfast room.

Thank you for understanding


Terms & Conditions:

1) This form makes integral part of the hotel agreement. There can only be made in writing.

2) The price quotations for the Hotelier are free and made without any comitments.

3) The minister of gene carried on the location of the Hotelier, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

4) Complaints regarding the services provided can not be accept when not writing a lettre arrived at the Hotelier within 2 days after check in.

5) Payment:

The Hotelier has the opportunity to request a full or partial payment; When you leaf the hotel earlyer than expect. The hotel owner don't have to pay you back .

If the Hotelier due to the contractor in advance a sum of money, then this will be considered as payment of an advance on the contractual price unless otherwise contractually.

The Hotel Bills are on presentation payable in cash.

In case of partial challenge to the Hotel Bill dinest the undisputed part must also be paid in cash.

Unless otherwise specified, the Hotelier genzins the verplichitng to accept checks, dividends, Creditcards or other deferred payment, and payment must be made in the currency of the country where the hotel is located.

The ontractant is responsible for payment of all services delivered to the customer, also the services which were determined at the conclusion of the contract, unless otherwise schriftelijlk was determined, in which case these costs latse of the Customer.

6) All disputes occurring from being demolished agreement before the competent court of the seat of the Hotlehouder.

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